Wilson portrait
I suppose I could linger for a moment or two.


Willow portrait
This seems like a waste of time.


Wolfgang portrait
Wolfgang is gambling man!


Wendy portrait
Ah, this seems a sensible test of fate.


WX-78 portrait


Wickerbottom portrait
I'd wager the outcome is chancy.


Woodie portrait
The spirit of the North guides my fate.


Waxwell portrait
I admittedly have a penchant for tempting fate.


Wigfrid portrait
A machine öf fate and misery.


Webber portrait
I think I'm too young for this.


Walani portrait
Should I push my luck?


Warly portrait
Maybe I'll win something tasty?


Woodlegs portrait
I've always thoughta myself a bettin' man.


角子機(Slot Machine)船難世界中的自然生成建築。通常可以在紅樹林生態環境裡,連接著它自己的佈景(四個木質地板、兩個骷髏與兩個金幣散落在附近)的地方找到它。

玩家可以將一個金幣放入角子機中以獲得隨機的獎品。放入金幣後,角子機會轉動一陣子,接著停在三個組合中的其中一個組合。所有的組合,無論好或壞,都會生成一定數量的物品生物。不可能會發生花了金幣卻沒有獲得任何東西的狀況的。除了花費金幣以外,每一次轉動角子機都會減少 5 點理智值。每一個藉由轉動角子機而獲得的金幣都會永久提升理智值減少的量,每花 20 個金幣大約會以每分鐘減少 5 理智值的速度減少。


結果 编辑

Wilton's SkullWilton's SkullWilton's Skull (33.3% 的機率會中)


Poison Mosquito x5 Spider x3
Snake x3 Prime Ape x2
Poison Snake x2 Hound x2
CarrotCarrotCarrot (50% 的機率會中)


Dubloonsx1 Logx2、Cut Grassx3
RocksGold NuggetObsidian Cut Grassx5
Logx3 Twigsx3
TorchCharcoalx2、 Ashx2 Dead Jellyfishx3
AxeHammerShovel Manurex5
Berriesx5 Limpetsx5
Berriesx3、 Berry Bush 2x1 Bamboox3、 Bamboo Patch Dugx1
TrapCut Grassx3、 Straw Hat Petalsx5、 Garland
Evil Flowerx5、 Red Capx1、 Green Capx1、 Blue Capx1 Bug NetFirefliesx3、 Butterflyx3
Flintx5 Bananax1、 Dragon Fruitx1、 Watermelonx1
Drumstickx3 Ropex3
Jerkyx3 Coconutx5
Hammerx1、 Skeletonx3
Gold NuggetGold NuggetGold Nugget (16.6% 的機率會中)


Gold Nuggetx5 Dubloonsx10
Beekeeper HatBandageHoneyx5 Football HelmetLog SuitSpear
Marble SuitHam BatBlow Dart Tooth TrapGrass SuitBoomerang
Spear GunPoison SpearSeashell SuitCoconade Electrical Doodadx3、 Thermal StoneGunpowderx3
Walking CaneGold Nuggetx3 Red Gemx3、 Blue Gemx3
Purple Gemx3 Life Giving AmuletGold Nuggetx3
Chilled AmuletGold Nuggetx3 Ice StaffGold Nuggetx3
Fire StaffGold Nuggetx3 Ice CubeTropical Parasol
Gunpowderx5 Fire Dartx3、 Gold Nuggetx3
Sleep Dartx3、 Gold Nuggetx3 Blow Dartx3、 Gold Nuggetx3
Spear GunSpearGold Nuggetx3 Coconadex3、 Gold Nuggetx3
Obsidianx5 Thulecite ClubGold Nuggetx3
Thulecite ClubThulecite SuitThulecite Crown Luxury AxeGold Nuggetx3
Tropical ParasolSnakeskin HatSnakeskin Jacket Icex3、 Floral ShirtUmbrella
Bird TrapFeather HatSeedsx4 Gears x5
Limpetsx2、 Dead JellyfishTropical Fishx2、 Dead Dogfish Fishing RodDead Dogfishx3、 Tropical Fishx3
Thermal StoneStraw RollJerky Spider GlandSilkx5、 Monster Meatx3
Sewing KitClothx3、 Top Hat(大概是 x5) MagiluminescenceNightmare Fuelx3、 Gold Nuggetx3

Prototype 提示编辑

  • Webber will not be attacked by the Spiders spawned by Three Skulls outcome.
  • With the possibility of rare loot as an outcome on the Slot Machine, anything from the Slot Machine can be considered renewable in the Shipwrecked DLC, at the expense of Sanity. Dubloons are dropped randomly by Parrot Pirates, up to once per day from a Booty Bag, or given by the Yaarctopus in exchange for fish, which can be farmed indefinitely.
  • During Monsoon Season, the Slot Machine may get flooded by a pool of water, making it unusable until the water disappears. This can be avoided by placing Sandbags around it.
  • It is recommended to be armored while gambling at the slot machine. The Seashell Suit or the Horned Helmet are particularly good for this, since there's a chance to get poisonous snakes or mosquitoes. An alternative is carrying Anti Venom along with an armor of the player's choice.
  • Because there's a chance to get Prime Apes as well, It can be handy to have an item that can stop them and keep them still and in-check, such as an Ice Staff, a Sleep Dart or a Pan Flute to prevent them from stealing any items nearby.
  • The Slot Machine makes the following items renewable in Shipwrecked: Berry Bushes, Bamboo Patches, Fireflies, Marble Suits, Walking Canes, Life Giving Amulets, and Magiluminescence.
  • Elephant Cacti planted next to the slot machine will kill any mobs that spawn. Wearing Cactus Armor while gambling will protect the player from AoE damage.
  • It will be wise to spin the machine, run away from it, and to come back to pick up the loot (or face your destiny). This way, it reduces the drain over time of sanity to the player.

Placeholder 你知道嗎?编辑

  • The fact that the Slot Machine drains the player's sanity, and the insanity aura increases with each use, may be a reference to pathological gambling, a psychological condition which consist in the addiction to gamble, and how it gets harder and harder to stop to the point that it becomes an addiction; the more the player bets in the slot machine, the longer the player stays, and the more insane the character gets.

Blueprint 畫廊编辑

植物 漿果叢胡蘿蔔洞穴香蕉樹洞穴菌藻花朵 (惡魔之花, 蕨類) • 乾草叢螢光花食人花曼德拉草蘑菇蘑菇樹植物蘆葦草樹苗荊棘叢完全正常的樹
(白樺樹仙人掌風滾草 Reign of Giants icon) (多汁漿果叢枝條樹 Don't Starve Together icon)(竹子叢智慧樹咖啡樹巨型仙人掌叢林樹紅樹棕櫚樹正常的叢林樹紅薯藤蔓 Shipwrecked icon)
生物與其居住小屋 蜂巢獵犬塚池塘豬人屋豬豬國王豬人火炬胡蘿蔔屋破舊魚屋甲殼石墩蜘蛛巢石筍蛛巢穴居猴窟兔子窩高腳鳥巢海象冰屋蟲洞
(鼴鼠穴浣熊窩 Reign of Giants icon) (岩漿池 Don't Starve Together icon) (螃蟹窩龍騎士巢穴龍蛋漁人屋破舊魚屋猿猴屋魚群野豬屋龍蝦巢海盗章魚 Shipwrecked icon)
靜止物件 遠古祭壇遠古雕像玄武岩藍圖巨礫留聲機墳墓豎琴雕像墓碑可疑的土堆大理石柱大理石樹麥斯威爾之門麥斯威爾的雕像麥斯威爾之燈魚人頭夢魘燈座夢魘匣鎖夢魘王座方尖碑華麗箱子豬人頭石柱遠古遺物洞口骸骨石筍地試金石圖勒牆
(咕嚕咪雕像冰礦 Reign of Giants icon) (華麗傳送門大理石雕塑隕星月亮石底座石化的常青樹舞台茶几可疑的大理石可疑的月亮石 Don't Starve Together icon) (木炭岩珊瑚礁木板箱殘骸火藥桶火焰間歇泉火山坑三角蟲洞石灰石牆帽貝岩熔岩礦貽貝黑曜石巨礫黑曜石工作台毒池羅林海上的旅行箱沙堆神州飛船餃子虎可疑的氣泡火山火山祭壇水墓野豬頭木腿船長的籠子殘骸藏寶地 Shipwrecked icon)
零件 眼骨 • (星-空 Don't Starve Together icon) • (魚骨 Shipwrecked icon)
(木製平面傳送台草柄零件螺絲零件木製球狀零件波環零件 Shipwrecked icon)