Wilson portrait.png
That's a CRAZY looking rock!

威爾森,when examining raised sanity gate

Willow portrait.png
I wonder what these markings mean.

薇洛,when examining raised sanity gate

Wolfgang portrait.png
Is beautiful!

沃爾夫岡,when examining raised sanity gate

Wendy portrait.png
It's calling to me.

溫蒂,when examining raised sanity gate

WX-78 portrait.png

機器人,when examining raised sanity gate

Wickerbottom portrait.png
Fascinating. I'll have to study these markings later.

薇克伯頓,when examining raised sanity gate

Woodie portrait.png
Something is off aboot that rock, eh?

伍迪,when examining raised sanity gate

Waxwell portrait.png
I can see its true nature now!

麥斯威爾,when examining raised sanity gate

Wigfrid portrait.png
I dö nöt think I can best this röck in cömbat.

薇格弗德,when examining raised sanity gate

Webber portrait.png
It's in our way.

韋伯,when examining raised sanity gate

Walani portrait.png
Go off!

瓦拉尼,when examining raised sanity gate

Warly portrait.png
It's tugging on my mind.

沃利,when examining raised sanity gate

Woodlegs portrait.png
Thar be a crazy lookin' rock.

木腿船長,when examining raised sanity gate

Wilson portrait.png

威爾森,when examining raised insanity gate

Willow portrait.png
Am I seeing things?

薇洛,when examining raised insanity gate

Wolfgang portrait.png
Is in my way.

沃爾夫岡,when examining raised insanity gate

Wendy portrait.png
It's calling my name.

溫蒂,when examining raised insanity gate

WX-78 portrait.png

機器人,when examining raised insanity gate

Wickerbottom portrait.png
I must be seeing things.

薇克伯頓,when examining raised insanity gate

Woodie portrait.png
Where did it go?!

伍迪,when examining raised insanity gate

Waxwell portrait.png
I can see its true nature now!

麥斯威爾,when examining raised insanity gate

Wigfrid portrait.png

薇格弗德,when examining raised insanity gate

Webber portrait.png
Move, stupid rock!

韋伯,when examining raised insanity gate

Walani portrait.png
Ouch. My thoughts are hurting.

瓦拉尼,when examining raised insanity gate

Warly portrait.png
And I'm in!

沃利,when examining raised insanity gate

Woodlegs portrait.png
Thet rock be givin' Woodlegs a 'eadache.

木腿船長,when examining raised insanity gate

Obelisks are indestructible Structures usually found surrounding the Pig King in Sandbox Mode. It is used as a decoration around the Pig King, but it also acts as an indicator of the Sanity level of a player. When the Sanity level is 15% and below, the obelisks around the Pig King change their states: the lowered ones raise, and the raised ones become lowered. A strange Shadow Creature resembling Mr. Skitts briefly appears to raise and lower the Obelisks.

In Adventure Mode, Obelisks act as road barriers, and can be great for many defensive ideas. However, it will be hard to deal with, as one might have to eat a load of raw Green Caps to lower their Sanity and Cooked Green Caps to raise their sanity, and it would take a while to defend against something, like Hounds.

TabTools.png 用途编辑

Wilson portrait.png
Where did the rest of it go?

威爾森,when examining lowered sanity gate

Willow portrait.png
Where'd it go?

薇洛,when examining lowered sanity gate

Wolfgang portrait.png
Is hiding underground.

沃爾夫岡,when examining lowered sanity gate

Wendy portrait.png
Even this obelisk has left me.

溫蒂,when examining lowered sanity gate

WX-78 portrait.png

機器人,when examining lowered sanity gate

Wickerbottom portrait.png
It seems to have sunk into the soil.

薇克伯頓,when examining lowered sanity gate

Woodie portrait.png
That makes sense.

伍迪,when examining lowered sanity gate

Waxwell portrait.png
There are two ways to see that obstacle.

麥斯威爾,when examining lowered sanity gate

Wigfrid portrait.png
Clever röck, yöu cannöt surprise a warriör!

薇格弗德,when examining lowered sanity gate

Webber portrait.png
Something about this rock feels off.

韋伯,when examining lowered sanity gate

Walani portrait.png
See ya.

瓦拉尼,when examining lowered sanity gate

Warly portrait.png
The darkness lurks within.

沃利,when examining lowered sanity gate

Woodlegs portrait.png
Thet crazy rock be missin' pieces.

木腿船長,when examining lowered sanity gate

Wilson portrait.png
It's more of a pyramid than an obelisk.

威爾森,when examining lowered insanity gate.

Willow portrait.png
Doesn't look flammable. How boring.

薇洛,when examining lowered insanity gate.

Wolfgang portrait.png
Hah. I step over tiny obstacle.

沃爾夫岡,when examining lowered insanity gate.

Wendy portrait.png
It's cold and black.

溫蒂,when examining lowered insanity gate.

WX-78 portrait.png

機器人,when examining lowered insanity gate.

Wickerbottom portrait.png
It appears to be a tiny pyramid.

薇克伯頓,when examining lowered insanity gate.

Woodie portrait.png
I don't know how to move that.

伍迪,when examining lowered insanity gate.

Waxwell portrait.png
It only half-exists on this plane.

麥斯威爾,when examining lowered insanity gate.

Wigfrid portrait.png
I suspect nöthing öf this röck.

薇格弗德,when examining lowered insanity gate.

Webber portrait.png
I wonder what that does.

韋伯,when examining lowered insanity gate.

Walani portrait.png
That's one dark tower.

瓦拉尼,when examining lowered insanity gate.

Warly portrait.png
Do not lick it. Your tongue will get stuck.

沃利,when examining lowered insanity gate.

Woodlegs portrait.png
Thet rock 'as a bad aura.

木腿船長,when examining lowered insanity gate.

Obelisks may be found in one of two states, depending on the Sanity level of the player: raised and lowered. Obelisks in the lowered state will not act as obstacles in the player's path. Obelisks in the raised state will act as obstacles and the player will need to adjust their Sanity level accordingly in order to lower them again. The player cannot use the Nightmare Amulet's insanity effect to raise or lower the Obelisk.

In Adventure Mode the player may encounter Obelisks that will impede their progress if their Sanity level is not in the correct range. In Sandbox Mode they serve as a decoration, which surrounds the Pig King.

Placeholder.png 你知道嗎?编辑

Blueprint.png 畫廊编辑

植物 漿果叢胡蘿蔔洞穴香蕉樹洞穴菌藻花朵 (惡魔之花, 蕨類) • 乾草叢螢光花食人花曼德拉草蘑菇蘑菇樹植物蘆葦草樹苗荊棘叢完全正常的树
(白樺樹仙人掌風滾草 Reign of Giants icon.png) (多汁浆果丛枝条树 Don't Starve Together icon.png)(竹子丛智慧树咖啡树巨型仙人掌丛林树红树棕榈树正常的丛林树红薯藤蔓 Shipwrecked icon.png)
生物與其居住小屋 蜂巢獵犬塚池塘豬人屋豬豬國王豬人火炬胡蘿蔔屋破舊魚屋甲殼石墩蜘蛛巢石筍蛛巢穴居猴窟兔子窩高腳鳥巢海象冰屋蟲洞
(鼴鼠穴浣熊窩 Reign of Giants icon.png) (岩漿池 Don't Starve Together icon.png) (螃蟹窝龙骑士巢穴龙蛋渔人屋鱼人屋猿猴屋鱼群野猪屋龙虾巢海盗章鱼 Shipwrecked icon.png)
靜止物件 遠古祭壇遠古雕像玄武岩藍圖巨礫留聲機墳墓豎琴雕像墓碑可疑的土堆大理石柱大理石樹麥斯威爾之門麥斯威爾的雕像麥斯威爾之燈魚人頭夢魘燈座梦魇匣鎖梦魇王座方尖碑華麗箱子豬人頭石柱遠古遺物地穴入口骸骨石筍岩试金石圖勒牆
(咕嚕咪雕像冰礦 Reign of Giants icon.png) (华丽传送门大理石雕塑陨星月亮石底座化石树玫瑰花台可疑的大理石可疑的月亮石 Don't Starve Together icon.png) (木炭岩珊瑚礁木板箱殘骸火药桶火焰间歇泉火山坑三角虫洞石灰石墙帽贝岩熔岩矿贻贝黑曜石巨砾黑曜石工作台毒池罗林海上的旅行箱沙堆神州飞船赌博机可疑的气泡火山火山祭坛水墓野猪头木腿船长的笼子残骸藏宝地 Shipwrecked icon.png)
零件 眼骨 • (星-空 Don't Starve Together icon.png) • (魚骨 Shipwrecked icon.png)
(木製平面傳送台草柄零件螺絲零件木製球狀零件波環零件 Shipwrecked icon.png)