影魔(Shadow Pieces)是在多人版饑荒裡具主動攻擊性的頭目級怪物,並在新王朝更新後被加入的遊戲內容,他們就像是發條怪物的另一種型態的組合,除了騎士影魔,其他兩隻影魔與原本發條怪的攻擊方式大不相同。


當影魔們附近的不同的影魔夥伴被殺死時,他們會提升階段。 例:如果第1級影魔犀牛被殺死,則附近所有的1級影魔騎士和影魔主教將變為第2階型態,以此類推第3階型態

Brain.png Behavior 编辑

The Shadow Rook will not destroy structures. Additionally, it will, instead of charging at the player, teleport right behind them and attempt a melee attack.

Instead of a ranged bolt, The Shadow Bishop will turn into a swarm of shadow bats that will damage the player that stays within their range, much like the Sporecloud from Toadstool.

The Shadow Knight will still attempt to do a melee attack, although its attack period is massively longer. One will need much less effort to kite these.

Gears.png Mechanics 编辑

If a Shadow Piece is killed, any Shadow Pieces that are not the same type in vicinity of it will level up. Much like how the Dragonfly becomes enraged, leveled up Pieces will deal higher damage, have more health and become bigger and much more menacing. In order to make a Shadow Piece reach level 3, one must have all 3 types of Pieces present. First, players must take down only one of them. Once the first Piece is defeated, the remaining ones will level up. After the remaining Pieces level up, one of the last remaining level 2 Pieces must be killed so the others will level up to 3.

Level 2 Shadow Pieces will not level up if the next killed level 2 Piece is the same type as the one used to level them up originally. For example, if one kills a level 1 Rook to upgrade a level 2 Knight, killing a level 2 Rook will not level the Knight up to 3. In order to make this Knight level 3, one needs to kill the only other type, a Level 2 Bishop. Killing every kind of Piece but the one that is desired to level up will usually end with the desired piece becoming level 3.

Refer to the Piece Leveling Chart below for clarification on the subject of successful leveling.

Piece Leveling Chart 编辑




Piece killed

to reach

Level 2

Piece killed

to reach

Level 3




Shadow Knight.png


Shadow Bishop.png +24px = 32px
Shadow Rook.png + 24px =

Shadow Bishop.png


Shadow Rook.png +24px = 32px
Shadow Knight.png + 24px =

Shadow Rook.png


Shadow Knight.png +24px = 32px
Shadow Bishop.png + 24px =

Placeholder.png Trivia 编辑

  • Pigs can become scared of the shadow pieces (similar to night time), seemingly when the shadow pieces are about to attack. The same seems to happen to Bunnymen and Spiders.
  • None of the pieces can be dodged in their third phase (with regular speed and without teleports).

Mosquito.png Bugs 编辑

  • The Shadow knight can become stuck/frozen if attacked by multiple enemies at once in this third phase, and will not come unstuck, leaving it an easy kill.
敵對怪物 蝙蝠洞穴蜘蛛發條主教發條犀牛發條騎士白蜘蛛深淵蠕蟲青蛙豬人守衛鬼魂暗影生物獵犬 (火獵犬冰獵犬) • 殺人蜂食人花海象爸爸小海象魚人蚊子蜘蛛蜘蛛戰士吐網蜘蛛啜食獸高腳鳥觸手 (巨型觸手觸手寶寶)
(白樺樹人守衛座狼 Reign of Giants icon.png) (鋼鐵羊岩漿蟲影魔 Don't Starve Together icon.png) (發條騎士船沼泽鱼毒蚊子毒蛇蜘蛛戰士(劇毒)海獵犬松鼠鱼劍魚白鯨 Shipwrecked icon.png)
頭目級怪物 遠古犀牛鹿角怪蜘蛛女王樹人守衛
(熊獾蜻蜓龍麋鹿鵝 Reign of Giants icon.png (蟾蜍王蟻獅女王蜂克勞斯復活骸骨Don't Starve Together icon.png) (棕櫚樹樹人守衛海怪旋风海豹虎鯊 Shipwrecked icon.png)
中立動物 蜜蜂野牛兔人 (毛毛王) • 無尾象坎普斯企鷗豬人 (狂暴豬人) • 石龍蝦蝸牛龜蛞蝓龜小高腳鳥穴居猴
(禿鷹浣熊貓伏特山羊 Reign of Giants icon.png) (藍鯨宽吻海豚猿猴水牛野豬 Shipwrecked icon.png)
被動動物 野牛寶寶蝴蝶切斯特烏鴉火雞曼德拉草小兔 (毛毛兔) • 紅鳥高腳雛鳥雪鳥
(咕嚕咪鼴鼠(地鼠) Reign of Giants icon.png) (超可愛岩漿蟲草鬣蜥哈奇 Don't Starve Together icon.png) (螃蟹狗魚渡渡鸟漁人水母鵜鶘鸚鵡海盗鸚鵡海鷗海豹虎鯊寶寶巨嘴鳥龍蝦 Shipwrecked icon.png)
其他 阿比蓋爾查理(暗夜怪物)麥斯威爾(NPC)豬豬國王
(海盜章魚 Shipwrecked icon.png)